Today I will tell you about the top 10 network marketing companies in India in 2020 from the survey of the World Direct selling association.

  1. Forever Living Products
  2. Vestige
  3. IMC
  4. Modicare
  5. Safe Shop
  6. Naswiz Pvt Ltd
  7. Amway
  8. Herbalife
  9. Oriflame
  10. MI lifestyle

And there are many more other companies but these are the top companies of network marketing in india.

I know you guys are thinking, that I am kidding or What? coronavirus is real dude, News Articles, News Headlines are Filled with Coronavirus. And You are still Doubting it. So listen, I am not doubting it but I have some facts and Figures which totally Blow your mind.


Shivam Dhiman

I am a Digital Entrepreneur and Business Consultant. Self Made Millionaire at the of 21.

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